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Monday, July 30, 2018

Mister Domestic's Loved to Pieces Blog PARTY!

Today I am finally sharing my Lone Star Quilt top make using Mister Domestic's Loved to Pieces fabrics for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I chose to use the blues and greens from this incredible line.  This was not my first idea when I was asked to participate but once I got the fabrics in my hot little hands I did a 180 and decided on something else altogether. It is interesting how actually SEEING fabrics can change your mind.

I thought I had it all figured out but then I realized I did the math incorrectly. I had to rip the entire thing apart and pretty much start from scratch.

It was frustrating at first but the reconstruction was not that horrible as I had expected. I learned some great things from stitching it piece by piece.

The whole quilt was so much easier to process when I could see it all up on the design wall! 

Not fun but it went back together again pretty quickly!

With the help of the in house 11 year old, I was able to grab some photos by the Rappahannock River around the corner from the childhood home of George Washington.

We went rock jumping with our filp flops and had a great time! I had to climb high up on one rock and he took my camera ( I may have been scared) and climbed another rock far across from me to capture a few photos

Lone Star Quilt

The quilt was pieced using Aurifil 50 wt thread. Because I was pressing all the seams open, I decreased my stitch length to 2.1. Decreasing the stitch length makes the stitches tighter and less likely to show thread when pressing. 

I think this is my favorite shot!  We had to hike along to find a variety of opportunities for photos.  It was such a beautiful day and uncrowded along the river making it just a fun hike.

Not all the photo ops were dangerous but it is always better when there is a story attached 😉

Ask me about my Aurifil train case photo sometime, it was literally life or death and lectures from strangers!

Rappahannock RIver

He is SO hired as my new photographer!

For the first time ever in this house everyone loves a quilt. The in house teen says it looks like impressionist art. I was all giddy when she gave such a wonderful compliment!

Thank you so much Mathew for inviting me to play with your beautiful fabrics 💗💗💗

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Gene Black said...

The quilt looks amazing. But I can't believe you didn't post a link to the Aurifil Train Case photo. Some of us are deadly curious.

Linda Bick said...

Yes ⬆️ So curious!

Linda Bick said...

Your quilt is beautiful and this pattern is on my list! 💙

Go-Go Kim said...

HA! It was used for promotional stuff.

Unknown said...

Beautiful work! I would love to know your plan for quilting it. I have just put a similar quilt on my Longarm that my wife did. @heritagequilting

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